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About Dr. Brian Wise, MD, ABIHM

Brian K. Wise, MD, MPH

"My mission is to make a meaningful contribution to my community by providing clinical work that allows individuals to achieve a sense of success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives."

Dr. Brian K. Wise

Dr. Wise is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist in the Denver and Colorado Springs Metro-Areas, who specializes in assessing and treating children, adolescents and adults living with emotional disorders. Even though Dr. Wise has developed a great reputation for his work with children and adolescents, individuals of all ages are welcome in his practice. Dr. Wise offers a diverse range of treatment options that allow his patients to choose their preferred path of treatment. Dr. Wise is passionate about helping all of his patients attain stability, a sense of well-being and confidence as they move forward in their lives. Patient care is always his top priority.

Additionally, Dr. Wise is board-certified by the Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine for treating numerous disorders and symptoms from a holistic perspective.  He has specific interest in the treatment of autoimmune disorders, concussions, endocrine disorders and rheumatologic conditions - all in addition to his expertise in psychiatric care.


Professional Activities & Organizations:
Dr. Wise has devoted much of his time to working with the following organizations that hold his same level of passion and commitment to providing resources that help educate the community on mental health issues. For a complete list of Dr. Wise's credentials, lectures, and research activities, please review his curriculum vitae.

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Psychopharmacology Guidelines
Dr. Wise is helping to develop national guidelines on prescribing medications to children suffering from emotional problems. These guidelines will focus on what psychotherapies may be used prior to medications, and if medications are deemed necessary, how to use medications with the care and safety of the children foremost.

Zero to Three-Author - Diagnostic System (DC: 0-3R) and Leadership Development Fellow
Since 2001, Dr. Wise has assisted this organization in revising guidelines for diagnosing mental health problems in children. Additionally, he was selected for a two year leadership development fellowship due to his status as a national leader in promoting children and families. Read more at

Center for Promotion of Child Development - Consultant
Dr. Wise has served as a consultant for the Center's program -- "Child Health and Development Interactive System" (CHADIS). CHADIS is a web-based assessment tool, designed to assist pediatricians as they address parents concerns about their child's behavior and development. Read more at

Nurse Family Partnership - Consultant
Dr. Wise has served as a researcher and consultant to the Center's Nurse Home-Visiting Program for First Time Mothers. The program has been hailed as one of the premier medical and mental health interventions in the world - one of the few programs that have shown consistent long-lasting (more than twenty-five years!) benefits to families and children. Read more at

National Institute for Mental Health - Committee Member
Dr. Wise served on a national committee sponsored by the National Institute for Mental Health whose goal was to study and assess children and adolescents living and functioning with psychological problems.

Colorado Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Society - Senior Council Member

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Member of the Infant & Preschool Committee

Infant Mental Health Journal - Consulting Editor

Kempe Center-Psychiatric Intern - Therapeutic Preschool for Abused/Neglected Children.

American Psychiatric Association - Member

World Association of Infant Mental Health - Member

Society for Research in Child Development - Member